Q: I am interested in joining. What do I do?

A:  You must first be academically eligible. Please refer to our eligibility requirements.  Every semester we launch an online application for prospective members to apply.


Q. I submitted my application. When will I hear from you?

A: Once we close the submission period, we then begin to process all applicants. Potential members are then notified via email 1-2 weeks after application period closes.


Q. I want to join, but didn’t fill out the application. Can I still apply?

A: You will have to wait until the next semester to apply.


Q: I have transfer or AP credits. Do they count towards my academic requirement?

A: No they do not, only classes completed within Annenberg.


Q: I am a graduate student and an LPH member from my undergraduate university. Am I recognized as an LPH member at USC?

A: Please contact us.


Q: When am I considered a member?

A: Once you have been formally invited and paid all dues, you will be officially recognized.


Q: How do I pay my dues?

A: We accept online payments and checks at this time. Details are contained in your welcome message.


Q: Do you accept payment plans to pay for my membership dues?

A: We strive to understand all cases and give extensive time for all to  formally accept the invitation. In fairness of others, no plans are offered at this time.


Q: I am interested in joining the executive board. What can I do?

A: We welcome all interested people that can contribute! Please contact us with what position you are interested in, your interests, along with a short blurb for consideration.


Q: What does Lambda Pi Eta offer to its members?

A: We offer a vast array of member only programming – professional, personal, and social – along with connections to various student and professional chapters. Additionally, LPH members receive priority at Annenberg events. Lastly, we invite all our members to represent at the annual National Communications Association.


Q: I am confused about the membership requirements. What am I supposed to attend or what if I have a full schedule?

A: We ask all new members to complete three (3) events per semester, or a total of six (6) events total prior to his or her graduation. If you cannot attend any of the LPH events which counts towards your event requirement, you can also volunteer your time at your convenience. There is anon-exhaustive list of accepted volunteer organizations located on our website. Any specific questions or concerns, please email us.


Q: I have not received my honor certificate. How do I pick it up?

A: New members receive their certificate and pin at initiation, typically held mid to end of the semester. If you are unable to attend initiation and would like to pick up your certificate, email us, once you’re verified we can have it ready for you at any future LPH events or at the next semester initiation night. Please be present to receive it.


Q: How do I go about getting an honor chord for graduation?


A: Details regarding honor chords are announced in late Spring semester. Please note that in order to receive an honor chord, you must meet the six (6) event or volunteering attendance prior to your graduation. If you initiated in the same Spring as your graduation, the requirement is three (3) events.